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Men's Nike Air Max Thea Print Natural Running Shoes Light Grey Deep Grey Black

Men's Nike Air Max Thea Print Natural Running Shoes Light Grey Deep Grey Black SKU. 1183

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Men's Nike Air Max Thea Print Natural Running Shoes Light Grey Deep Grey Black

Brought straight to you from the pavement of the past. The Nike Air Max 90 is a retro running shoe with Max Air® in the heel for comfort and cushioning. Leather or canvas upper combines with a polyurethane midsole and a durable rubber outsole for comfort, support and durability. The style comes with multiple lace colors.

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Review by Angel Ramirez

(Before I get into the meat, if you're already suffering from sticker shock,Tortuga's website offers this bag for $200. Still too much? Have a look at Kelty's Redwing 44. Kelty has been in the business for ages. They're well-regarded. The Redwing gets great reviews. The best part? It's currently on offer for $119. Yep. Less than half the price of Tortuga. However, there are a couple of caveats to be aware of. Read below to learn how it stacks up against Tortuga and the others before jumping ship.)I started with an Osprey Farpoint 70. I graduated to carry-on only & bought a Farpoint 40. Then I found Tortuga, so I returned the Osprey 40 and bought the Tortuga. Here's why.1. Tortuga carries 4 more liters (1 gallon) of stuff, but still meets carry-on dimensions.2. Tortuga has large hip pockets for easy access to passport, keys, money, cards, tickets, mobile phone.3. Tortuga has side pockets that zip closed.4. Tortuga has more organizing pockets & compartments.5. Tortuga's square shape allows for more efficient packing6. Tortuga is very well-padded and constructed. Noticeably more so than most other bags..THE COMPETITIONAlthough Tortuga is best for me, Osprey's suspension is more adjustable. When you add to this Osprey's slightly smaller size and rounded corners, Osprey's Farpoint 40 is a better choice for those with small frames. Tortuga is too hefty for my slim, 5'5" sister because the suspension is fixed.I went to REI Coop & looked at Osprey's Porter 46. That's half a gallon more space than Tortuga, but the hip straps have no pockets and are very flimsy. There is no place to carry a water bottle. The back padding has no air passage. The shoulder straps are not well-padded. Not a worthy contender.As for the Farpoint 55, although the main pack of the 55 is only 40 liters, the very frame of the bag reaches beyond carry-on dimensions, even w/o the day pack attached.Pacsafe, Minaal & Kelty also make quality carry-on backpacks. Pacsafe's niche is safety as their bags are enforced with a wire mesh to prevent slashing, they block RFID scanners as well. Minaal's bag is considerably smaller and plainer. It appeals to more minimalists and those who need their bag for business. Kelty's Redwing 44, with its adjustable suspension and bladder pocket, two outside pockets and two pouches, is more flexible and better suited for extended use. It's also the most affordable of the lot. Tortuga, with its impressive construction, side pockets and hip pockets, focuses on practicality and convenience. The build quality is outstanding. It may not win any beauty contests, but I'm pretty enough, so...One caveat with the Minaal. It doesn't come with decent hip straps (or waist belt). So, much of the bag's weight rests on your shoulders. In my book, that's a no go. A bag that can hold 35 liters carries more weight than should be resting on my shoulders/spine. Tortuga, Osprey, Kelty & Pacsafe have strong belts that allow for their weight to be transferred to your waist. These bags fall away from your back. They don't sag or hang down on your shoulders. They won't bounce about on my (ample) booty because they are strapped to my waist.One caveat for Pacsafe 45. There's not a single outside pocket or hip strap pocket, not even a pouch for water. That's really not acceptable. Good looking bag, but a deal breaker for me.The outer pockets on the Osprey are only mesh and are cut off by compression straps. They're on the back, so you cannot reach them whilst wearing the bag. It has no hip belt pockets either. No bueno.Kelty's Redwing 44 is almost perfect. Unlike Tortuga, it has an adjustable suspension, a bladder pocket, both outside pockets and outside pouches. It loads from top and side (though the opening is narrow whereas Tortuga opens completely up) and is currently on offer for only $119. That's right. More than half the price of Tortuga. So, why did I spend more than double that for Tortuga? Kelty's zippers are not lockable, first of all. Secondly, the Redwing doesn't meet the exact dimension requirements of a carry-on bag. In truth, this isn't an issue. I've seen plenty of Redwings on board flights. It doesn't look any bigger than Tortuga because it's not that much bigger. It's the dimensions that are different. No one is going to stop you. Part of the extra bulk is the adjustable suspension which is far superior to Tortuga's fixed suspension.By now, you can understand how *I* arrived at Tortuga. In the end, any of these quality, carry-on backpacks would be a good choice. It all depends on your needs and how you travel. I wanted maximum space and convenience. I'm not always wearing cargo pants, but I want my passport, money, mobile phone, snacks & cash within easy reach, so I opted for Tortuga with it's side & hip pockets. I also wanted easy access to my water bottle & I like the zipping side pockets and the overall construction is noticeably superior. I was also a bit paranoid of meeting exact carry-on dimensions. Turns out it's not that serious.With the exception of the Kelty, these bags are not cheap. So, if you only travel a couple times a year & you only wear the pack from car to airplane & airplane to hotel, you probably can get away with a cheaper bag or even a roller. It's not like carry-on bags see as much abuse as checked baggage. However, if you travel often and you're a bit more active... if you walk from hostel to AirBnB host... if you are hopping on and off airplanes and trains as well as rickety buses, then I'd go for a well-made, thoughtfully designed bag like Tortuga.TRAVEL BACKPACK VS HIKING BACKPACKThese travel backpacks are not the same as those tall, slim, top-loading packs you see tall Germans wearing all over the world. Those are made for hiking and camping. The stacked packing is designed for the complete unloading and loading of all contents to set up camp every day. Travel backpacks are made for travel convenience and quick access to the things you need at any particular time. They have different features. If I want to retrieve something from Tortuga mid-flight, I can unzip the length of it and find it. With a hiking backpack, I'd have to unpack items from the narrow opening at the top. They are different animals. Most hiking backpacks don't have lockable zippers like most of the high-end travel backpacks.CARRY-ONAs for why I only do carry-on... Unless you need to carry lots of equipment for work, or you're traveling with children, most folks can really get away with a full-size carry-on for surprisingly long periods of time. Think not? Give it a trial run w/that rolling carry-on bag in your closet. Roll your clothing tightly (or us packing cubes to condense your stuff) Pack no more than two shoes & sandals, aside from those you'll wear. You don't need a new outfit for every day of the week. Most will find that they can swing a carry-on, sparing the $50 baggage check, 30-minute wait & potential loss or damage to their bag. If you're a frequent traveler, avoiding baggage claim can save hundreds of dollars and hours of time - time & money better spent on... more travel. ;-) Finally, there is a peace of mind knowing where your stuff is... that it won't get lost... that it won't get damaged.NEED MORE SPACE?If you simply need more space, but you still don't wish to check your baggage, then invest in a packable/folding day pack. Most airlines allow for a carry-on of Tortuga's size, plus another item, like a laptop bag or something. Here's what you do. Get a foldable daypack - 20 to 30 liters. Two good options are - "Outlander Large Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack." It holds 30 liters (of course there are smaller ones) - EcoCity Ultra-light Foldable Multipurpose Backpack. Both are about $25. Attach the daypack to your front, loaded with laptop, toiletries, books for your plane ride. Attach Tortuga to your back. Together you have 75 liters of stuff & all carry-on. Meanwhile neither Osprey's 70 nor 55 qualify as carry-on. If 45 liters is sufficient for you, a foldable daypack will fit under Tortuga's compression straps or even in one of the zipped outer pockets. Should you wanna hit the gym or beach, you have a suitable bag for a change of clothes. Should you pick up a few items along the way, you have space. Tortuga's offers a daypack. It costs twice as much as highly-rated 4.5-star bags I suggest. Sorry, Tortuga. $50 for a daypack is a joke. Daypacks don't need to be some over-engineered tank or cost as much as one. It's a frickin' daypack. Save your money and skip Tortuga's budget-breaking, over-engineered foldable daypack unless you just like throwing away money or you like to match. ;-) I choose my charities & Tortuga isn't one of them.SECURITYThe beauty of travel backpacks is that many of them are lockable. The best luggage lock is Kolombo. It is a TSA lock so, should TSA search your bag, they won't have to break the lock. The best part is, Kolombo's lock won't allow the TSA agent to remove their key until they lock the device back. (I know. I know. This is a Tortuga review). Although carry-ons are usually with us during travel, if you're staying w/a host and you don't have a room w/a lock, having a bag lock allows you to securely leave your bag behind whilst you see the city or take care of business. In order to secure the the main compartment of Tortuga, you'll need two locks.TO SUM IT ALL UP...For the many reasons above, I'm glad I returned my Ospreys and purchased the Tortuga. It's not as handsome, but it's larger, exceptionally well-made, more functional & flies under the radar. The handle (top and side), the back, the hip belts - everything is so well padded. The split in the center allows for easy expansion and tension release on zippers. The compression straps double as holders for wet towels or dirty shoes or jackets. The zippered side pockets can hold water bottles, flip flops & a host of other items because they can be zipped closed. It's like a 1980s Mercedes - functional - not fancy or stylized. Everything about Tortuga tells you it was designed by folks who actually travel a lot & use the product they produce. However, at less than half the price, you'd be a fool not to consider Kelty's Redwing 44. At $119 and with a solid 5 stars, it's the steal of the century!If I had a wishlist for the next Tortuga, it would be a more adjustable suspension even if it reduced the carrying capacity a bit. Waterproofing would be nice, though the bag is very water resistant already. Seriously, though - an adjustable suspension. The in-place straps greatly limit the size of people who can use this bag comfortably.So, there you have it. Now that you have the skinny on the competition, hopefully you can make an informed purchase w/o buyer's remorse when you see other bags. If I never have to see (pay for and wait at) a baggage claim again, I wouldn't miss a minute of sleep.See you out there...

Review by Michael parks

My son loves his shoes!

Review by marco farina

Christmas present for son. He loves them

Review by Beth Poindexter

Dope sneakers, seller shipped fast! Love the quality and fit. My new fav kicks!

Review by Jose Torres

The most comfortable golf shoes I've ever worn.

Review by Toni C.

My dad loves these shoes!

Review by Joseph Han

The most comfortable golf shoes I've ever worn.

Review by Smooth

Bought them for my neice, she loves them

Review by janelle dorsey

Only if there was a 10.5, they would be perfect but overall amazing and for the PRICE with what you GET they are on point. Overstaffed at work so I took the 11.5 hour shift or 10.5 hours of walking and pushing a broom with ease. No pain on the feet the only pain was from the other associate that I was with, saying how their feet were on fire with his name brank *ike's that cost money. Inexpensive and worth the few dollars they cost. Got my 4.75 stars short of 5 without the 10.5 shoe size.

Review by Smooth

Great shoes very comfortable.

Review by Stephen leigh

This is my fourth pair of Nike Tailwind 6, they're the most comfortable sneakers I have ever worn (better than the Adidas, Head, K-Swiss and other various Nike shoes that sit in my closet).

Review by Janis L Hook

excelente producto

Review by Smooth