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Men's Nike Air Max 2012 Breathable Shoes Black Flurorescent

Men's Nike Air Max 2012 Breathable Shoes Black Flurorescent SKU. 223

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Men's Nike Air Max 2012 Breathable Shoes Black Flurorescent

The Nike Air Max Thea Shoe is equipped with premium lightweight cushioning and a sleek, low-cut profile for lasting comfort and understated style.Minimal textile-based upper with synthetic and leather overlays for targeted support with a lightweight feel.Mesh at forefoot and perforations at heel for breathability.Visible Max Air technology for maximum impact protection.Besides, Phylon midsole for lightweight cushioning is your best choice.

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Review by Brice W. Samuel

The most comfortable golf shoes I've ever worn.

Review by carolina

Not as much room in the sleeves as I'd hoped. For those of us with larger upper arms this is a tight fit. Very pretty and would work well for someone who's arms are slim.

Review by Ulises

Love these shoes. I have a bad back ,and I can work in them all day. Easy on back and knees.

Review by Smooth

The most comfortable golf shoes I've ever worn.

Review by DP

They're so cute! I love them and delivered before the estimated time which was a nice surprise. When you first put them on they are a little snug but like all Nike that's always the case you have to break them in. Overall great product fast delivery and great service!

Review by Jill Stovall

These shoes are not good if you work in a kitchen because they are not slip resistance, I slipped on the kitchen floor when the floor was wet. I bought them because I'm on a concrete floor for 12 hours. I had to put in an insert because I work mainly on a concrete floor. If you work in a kitchen area, be careful on wet floors, and if you work on concrete floors, invest in some inserts. Other than that, I like these shoes, because I think they look stylish with my uniform, but I rotate between another pair and brand of shoes I have.

Review by Joe

EXCELLENT PRODUCT! EXCELLENT COMPANY!! WOW!! I was completely AMAZED at the quality of service from this company, definitely take a look at their products! The thing that really stood out with this company is their customer service, they want you to be happy with their products and they will take the time to listen to you if you are not satisfied to fulfill your needs! I wish all companies could be like this!

Review by if

Great fit and look great! Very comfortable which hardly ever happens when I order sneakers on line! Very happy with this purchase and would certainly buy again from this vender!

Review by mohamed

I am always barefoot and love the vibrams as a result. My muscles are built for being barefoot because I hate shoes. Wearing these and I don't feel like my balence and posture is being thrown off like I do with normal shoes. Would rerecommend to any other habitually barefoot person.

Review by amani

This so far has been the best backpack I have ever purchased. And this particular brand of backpack has a small following at my local college.My friend had purchased the pegasus version of this backpack, which is intended for 17 laptops and is almost identical to this one.I really liked the design styles on the backpack. I appreciate when something I use every day is built with quality because the last thing I need is for it to break down. I like that the handle on the top of the bag is actually a steel cable that is bolted to the material of the bag. It's covered in a plastic sleeve and a padded handle so that it's also comfortable to lift the bag from that durable handle. That has to be the most durable handle I've ever seen. A steel cable is overkill, but I like overkill.There are pockets out the wazoo on this thing and I'm not sure if that's a bonus to you, but it's a bonus to me. Lets see if I can recount all the pockets.There's the back-most pocket which is intended for storing the laptop. There is a padded sleeve inside the backpack to which you slide your laptop into, you can then strap the laptop more securely into the sleeve using an elastic Velcro strap. This brings me to my first and only gripe about the backpack. An acquaintance of mine has an older model of this backpack and the strap for securing the laptop in the sleeve actually has a very durable plastic clip. This model uses Velcro instead of a clip. Personally I would prefer the clip since Velcro only has a limited lifetime and also likes to cling to dust and other debris, and that bothers me. Even still, I could care less. If the Velcro strap becomes a problem I'll just cut it off and do without. There is an additional mesh pocket in the rear-most laptop pocket which is seems like it's intended for pencils or something but I use it to store my full-size desktop mouse as well as a USB flash drive for use with my laptop. There is a small amount of extra room in that pocket which can be utilized for a small - medium folder or perhaps 1 large textbook or two small textbooks. It's really up to you. I use it to hold a single small textbook which I actually keep inside of a bubble-wrap envelope to protect the edges.The next pocket as you move forward is a very small ( yet cozy ) pocket. The fabric inside that pocket is a red color and it also appears padded. This pocket is intended for an mp3 player but since it's about 7 inches deep you could even put a small cdplayer in there with extra cd's. I mainly use this pocket to hold my business cards, I put them inside the small sleeve intended for the mp3 player. I also store various drugs in there for easy access (OTC). P.S. this pocket is usually very skinny when your backpack is filled to capacity since there's no room for it to expand.The next pocket as you move forward to the front of the bag is the main pocket. This pocket is massive and this is pretty much the only pocket you have for storing your school supplies other than that rearmost laptop pocket. There's a small padded flap in there that you can either put up ( to make the bag appear slimmer ) or put it down ( to widen the pocket and provide a more stable base to keep it from toppling over ) I personally cram my backpack to capacity so this flap is always down. I keep 4 1 folders in there and 3 small manilla envelops filled with paperwork. Those three together come to about 1/2 inch. And I still have room for a large textbook. If I were to put in a large textbook,( for example a biology textbook ) I would expect that this pocket would no longer be able to fit any more stuff. However inside this pocket there is a rather large mesh pocket. I have no idea what you're supposed to store in it. I leave it empty, and if your backpack was stuffed to capacity it probably wouldn't be of much use. But if your a slim backpack type student I'm sure you can make use of it for something. There is also a sleeve in the back of the main pocket which I use to hold my three manilla envelopes separate from the rest of the cavity.Moving forward from the main pocket there is a smaller sized ( cozy pocket ) I say it's cozy since I love sliding my hand into it and filling the smooth cold fabric which is thick so it appears padded. I'm not sure what you could store in this pocket. Some spare papers or another manilla envelope type object. It's a very thin pocket. More like a sleeve with a zipper top. I use this pocket to store additional drugs (OTC).Moving forward from that there's the main utility/pencil/calculator pouch. I'm not sure what to call it but that's where I keep my pencils erasers and whiteout. Inside of that pouch theres a zippered sleeve in which I keep my spare erasers, three-hole-punch-paper-reinforcing-stickers, and also all the warranty cards for the backpack. I use the mesh sleeve to hold my pencils and pens. (Note: there are no pencil sleeves. You know, the kind that hold like a single pencil or pen. Personally I'm kind of happy about that since I usually carry like 5 pens and two pencils.) The mesh sleeve is ideal for it since it provides room for about a dozen pen/pencils and they can all clip onto it and stay put very well. There's a clip in there you can use to store your keys, so they don't stab your leg through your inferior pocket. There's a couple of knife-holder pockets in here as well. One of them I use to store a utility-knife/needle-nose-plier. Another I use to store 4 of the fate dry-erase markers. Most the other tiny sleeves in there I leave empty since they seem to be meant for business/credit cards/ids and I don't need those since I have a wallet. P.S. this is a padded pocket as well.Moving forward one last time there's another smaller pocket which is also padded which I don't use for anything.Now on each side right and left there are two sleeve pockets. 1 zippered sleeve pocket and then over that one there's a mesh sleeve. I don't use the mesh sleeves for anything except sometimes those travel-size kleenix pouches. The zippered sleeve on the right I use to store my laptops charging cable. And the zippered sleeve on the left I use to store my Ti-84 Graphic calculator.So all in all there's 9 zippered pockets if you don't count the mesh ones and there are 11 zippered pockets if you do count the zippered mesh pockets. and many more than that if you count all the sleeves.I use to carry 2 backpacks. Now I carry 1 backpack!This purchase was extremely worth it for that reason alone.Padding out the wazoo. Pockets out the wazoo. Durable to last to... the wazoo.Highly recommended.

Review by Danielle Ann Chavez

As expected brought for 1 of my sons he love em I love the fact that he love em is all what matter good price good quality retros.

Review by Jude

The most comfortable golf shoes I've ever worn.

Review by Brian christen

Ray Ban Wayfarer users...... REJOICE....... this is a perfect match, grips very well, so well they are difficult to remove.The only keeper I have found for the Wayfarer end-of-ear piece use.

Review by Luda

I honestly think this is one of the best pair of shoes that I own